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Following the success of my large retrospective ‘Cloth Card & Canvas’ in 2014, I have been asked by Prof.Tony Curtis to include some of my paintings inspired by Dylan Thomas in an exhibition he is curating on that theme. This will take place in the Art Central Gallery, Barry from September 8th to 21st 2014.

On April 10th until May 16th 2015 I will be exhibiting with RWSW at the Ceri Richards Gallery, Swansea University. This is a special occasion as our Welsh Society shows alongside some watercolours from the SFA (Societe Francais Aquarelle). This is a reciprocal enterprise following our exhibits with them in Paris in October 2013.

Immediately following this, RWSW will exhibit at Tenby Museum & Gallery on 22nd May to 28th June.

I will be having my own exhibition at Tenby Museum & Gallery later in 2015 . Dates are 22nd August to 4th October . It will be a smaller Retrospective with more new work. I’m hoping to make an oil painting taking the same view across the bay towards the town, as the lovely painting in their permanent collection by William Golding ‘ Tenby from North Cliff’ 1799.

Apart from these exhibitions I have my work in a few Pembrokeshire galleries: The Goat Street Gallery in St Davids, The Golden Sheaf, Narberth, and The White Lion Gallery in Tenby. I also have a small studio gallery at home , and welcome visitors. However, as I need to go out sometimes, I ask people to ring 01437 532668 first to check I’ll be in, otherwise take the risk.


Past Exhibitions


Cloth, Card & Canvas: a retrospective at 70’

Andrea Kelland’s Retrospective exhibition in May will include a body of work based upon some of Dylan Thomas’s poems .These paintings include the opening line from Under Milkwood….’Starless and bible-black’, and ‘the force that through the green fuse drives the flower’, and ‘Heron-priested shores’. Other work in the exhibition include a body of very early work from 1958 & 59 and through the sixties at college, including a wonderful large illustrated book made by her in 1965, Screen-printed smocks from the eighties and screen-printed works on paper from the eighties and nineties, then her paintings from 1990 onward .






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